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“Comfort, comfort my people,
says your God, make straight in
the desert a highway for our God”
Isaiah 40:1,3

PsySon is the answer a calling that God placed on our hearts: the calling to help in restoring God´s original design for our emotional health.

We do this generating a psychological approach where God´s word and Jesus is the foundation.

How did this dream come forth?

Many of us were born and raised in the church, but in times of personal or family crisis, we became aware that something was missing, and that many times religious ideas were part of the problem, instead of being a solution or a resource.  PsySon believes in an emotionally healthy spirituality that empowers the ones who believes to live a psychologically healthy life.

Today, PsySon (which is an acronym for psychology and Son), is the biggest Christian online psychological network in the world. “A psychology based on the Son”, because we approach the human soul, spirit and mind, understanding that true health is found in Christ and through the work of professionals that invite him into their practices.

Do you feel in victory? Do you feel complete? Do you feel free?

When our mind hasn´t known The Truth, the answer to all these questions is “no”, and through PsySon we want to accompany you so that the answer becomes a resounding YES! Not only that, but that this “yes” can be contagious to whoever is around you.

Thank you for being a part of this community. We know that God has brought us together, and our hearts’ desire is that you always feel at home in PsySon.

Emotional struggles and grief are lived in religious communities many times with:

  • Shame
  • Loneliness
  • Judgment
  • Guilt
  • And is treated by professionals that don´t have a holistic or integral approach towards our existence as human beings.

Therefore arises the calling and the questions:

What if there was a space where faith and mental health went hand in hand to give answers? And thus, many more questions followed:

How de we generate a method with Biblical and evidence based to approach mental health and to support clients from any religious denomination?

How do we build an international professional online community so that Christian psychologists can grow together and reach anyone that´s in need?

How may psychology be of help to enhance us to know the truth that sets us free?

How do we generate a genuinely Christian psychological approach?

After years of hard work and prayer, in February 2017, our own online platform was developed and our international network of mental health professionals was officialy ready to start.  A team caracterized with utmost commitment and respect for the role we fullfil, in harmony with our principles and our spirituality in Christ.


PsySon´s mission is to promote a genuinely Christian approach to mental health.


To impact society with a professional and Christian option in mental health.