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“Comfort, comfort my people,
says your God…make straight in
the desert a highway for our God”
Isaiah 40:1,3

PsySon is the answer to a divine calling we felt in our hearts: the calling to help restore God’s original design for emotional well-being to the world.

Our approach integrates evidence-based interventions in harmony with God’s word and the teachings of Jesus.

How did this dream come forth?

Our journey began within the church, where we were nurtured in faith. However, we realized something was missing during personal and family crises. We became aware that religious ideas, at times, were not only part of the solution but also part of the problem. This realization gave birth to PsySon, a platform that advocates for emotionally healthy spirituality, empowering believers to lead psychologically wholesome lives.


Today, PsySon (an acronym for Psychology and Son, the Son of God) stands as the world’s biggest Christian online psychological network. “A psychology based on the Son” because we approach the human soul, spirit and mind, understanding that proper emotional health is found in Christ and through the work of professionals that invite him into their practices.

Do you feel in victory? Do you feel complete? Do you feel free?


When our minds do not know The Truth, the answer to all these questions is “no,” but through PsySon, we aim to accompany you so that the answer becomes a resounding YES! And this positive transformation can be contagious to those around you.

We are grateful for your presence in this community. We believe God has brought us together, and we want you to always feel at home in PsySon.


Emotional struggles and grief are lived in religious communities many times with:

  • Shame
  • Loneliness
  • Judgment
  • Guilt

And are treated by professionals who don’t have a wholistic or integral approach to our human existence.

Therefore, the calling arose:

Imagine a space where faith and mental health intertwine, offering answers and a safe haven for your questions. What if such a space existed?

And thus, many more questions followed:

How do we generate a Biblical and evidence-based method for approaching mental health and supporting clients from different religious denominations?


How do we build an international professional online community so that Christian psychologists, social workers, counselors and psychiatrists can come together, share their experiences, grow collectively, and reach anyone in need?


How can psychology empower us to discover the truth that sets us free?


How do we generate a genuinely Christian psychological approach?

After years of hard work and prayer, our online platform was developed, and in February 2017, our international network of mental health professionals was officially ready to start. Our team is characterized by the utmost commitment and respect for our role, in harmony with our principles and our spirituality in Christ.



PsySon´s mission is to promote a genuinely Christian approach to mental health.


PsySon’s vision is to impact our post-Christian society with a professional and Christian option in mental health.

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