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Professional care that respects your religios values in the work place.

PsySon Institutional was conceived as a service for institucions that care about the emotional health of there staff members and want to include their religios values. (Only available in Spanish and Portuguese)

The professionals at PsySon Institutional are available on a daily schedule, from Monday to Friday.

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PsySon´s mission is to promote online mental health care in line with Christ´s teachings, and we believe that:

1. Healthy families are the base of healthy work enviroments.

2. A mental health professional that loves Christ and includes him in the therapeutic process should be available to all

3. Regardless of the geographic place we all should have access to the support we need

4. New technologies help us to be connected wherever we are

Frequently asked questions

1. Does PsySon depend on any particular church or is it affiliated with any denomination?

No, PsySon doesn´t depend on any denomination

For the purpose of carrying on the mission of utmost impartiality and privacy for our patients, PsySon is a private entity and administratively independent non for profit association.
Our professionals are commited Christians and pass an exhaustive selection and training through a postgraduate course and supervisions. You can find more information about this at PsySon postgraduate course.

2. Who are the professionals that provide their services at PsySon?

All our professionals have been reviewed and have gone through an education process that certifies them to work with the Christian population suitably. They have to study and take exams about doctrine, ethic, etc (for more information about the postgraduate course all our professionals take, postgraduate courses click here). Furthermore, we take into account that they are professionals identified within their church and have a recommendation from their local pastors.

In this sense, PsySon becomes a worldwide pioneer in establishing a psychology school with a Christian cosmovision. This method is called CIPE model (Christian psycho-spiritual integrator, for it´s Spanish initials).

3. How did PsySon come into existence?

PsySon is born as an answer to a clear necessity.

PsySon unites:

APCIN: Christian international psychological association (a non for profit association)


Integrisys: A leading technology company in South America.

This strategic union leads to the creation of the online psychological care platform known as PsySon.

4. How does an institution provides this service for its families? (only Spanish and Portuguese)

The interested organization simply must contact us at info@psyson.org

5. How confidential is the service?

The only information that´s provided to the subscribing organization is the number of monthly sessions provided for that organization and anonymous statistics.

6. Is there a limit to the number of sessions a given family from the organization can get?

There is no limit to the sessions. The family or the person that needs care can connect and have a session on our regular scheduled timetables for your institution from Monday to Friday.

7. Do the employees of an organization that subscribed to this service receive any other benefits?

Yes, there are more benefits. PsySon offers online education and also live trainings especially in situations of crisis like Covid-19. Our professionals will be happy to provide trainings.

8. I´m a leader or a manager and I´m very interested in this service for the families that are under my responsibility, what should I do?

If you want your organization have this tool at their disposal, you just need to get in touch with a member of PsySon´s team, who will provide you with the steps you need to take.

PsySon is able and ready to serve with it´s more than 130 professionals that work every day with prayer and a sense of mission.