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Lic. Nestor Bruno
Pastor and therapist/

Ma. Beatriz Barboza de Calafiore
Director of Psychology, UAP

Dr. Mario Pereyra, writer, researcher and therapist

Dr. Marcelo Moroni
Professor, therapist and researcher

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Alcoholism and addictions
Eating disorders
Anxiety disorders
Domestic violence
Couples counselling
Vocational orientation

Corporate card for therapeutic assistance

  • This Card is unnamed and is delivered to the bearer for validation and personal registration in the PsySon system
  • The entity will cover percentage of the treatment value that you or your family need
  • Registration in the system is personal and your registration absolutely confidential
  • Do not forget the password that the system will give you so that you can anonymously receive your benefit
  • Keep your card after relating the code with your personal PsySon account